Saturday, January 13, 2007

Aruninte Blog - Apple reinvents phone

The iPhone is an impressive, and expensive, device.
It comes in 4 GB and 8 GB models and costs $499 and $599, respectively.
It includes a 3.5 inch touchscreen with a virtual keyboard and buttons
A 2 megapixel camera,
Is WIFI enabled
Runs OSX.
The desktop-like interface
Rich Text email
Google Maps
Yahoo push e-mail ( Supports IMAP+POP mail protocols )
Standard web sites can be viewed via the Safari browser in full mode.

And there are a number of nice touches as well
A motion sensor that rotates photos when you rotate the phone
Voicemails displayed visually that you can click on and listen to.
Easy conference call facility
Proximity Detector that turns lights off when its near your ear.
Ambience Sensor that adjusts light based on surroundings.
Tap n Zoom

In short it is an iPod+iPhone+Internet device which will hit U.S by June and Asia by 2008
Steve plans to take 1% market share.

Learn More about iPhone n get updated

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