Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Aruninte Blog - Video:-Worm@Mohanlal's Tastebud Masala

Gone are the days when people filed consumer complaints. In this new age of social networking even the status of one's instant messenger can make or break a brand.
For example see this video of taking worms out of Mohanlal's Tastebuds Masala powder. I am sure the viewcount will increase in the coming days. Brands need to be more cautious.

For now watch this video shot with a webcam, it has got a background music "Doore kizhakkudikum.." which make it even more funny.

My mom brought Mohanlal's taste buds ...
My mom brought Mohanlal's taste buds Masala to make meat curry.But as soon as I found worms in the curry I looked at all the ingredient mixtures, spices, chilies, coriander, salt ,even meat and at last the legendary Mohanlal's taste buds meat masala.
I found that when scoops of "taste buds" were stirred in water, tiny white worms popped up
You can see the live worms wriggling and moving as I open it out of its cocoons

Though i am a mohanlal fan i couldn't resist sharing this video.

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