Friday, June 09, 2006

ചാത്തുണ്ണി സുവിശേഷം... - Hiding behind the clouds

Making my curtains dance, a little breeze
pulled me out, from a sweet day dream.
It may be a dream about you, that i can
feel your thoughts, came with the breeze.

It is going to rain, the breeze is wet and
shivering as it quivered over the grass.
I put my hands as i want to fleet, little drops
who won the race from sky, rested on my wings.

I want to fly, fly like a wind, with all the pace,
i have in mind, to see your face, fill with smile.
I will come with you, my dear clouds,
she is waiting for you, for dancing in the rain.

When she dance in rain and feel your love,
i want to see her, flooding with joy.
but if she finds me gazing on her, like a child
looking at the sky for his one star.

she may loose her smile, may be with shy or with fear,
what so ever stopping her dance.
i want hide, hide in black little clouds, so that
when she dance, i can send her my tears of joy.

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